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Bottled Cocktails Released for Sale

Teresa Bottled Cocktails. Handpainted labels. 125ml bottles. Cocktails to drink at home. Pre-made, ready to pour.
The handpainted labels for Teresa Bottled Cocktails.

We have just launched the first series of Teresa Bottled Cocktails!

Everyone knows that Hawkes Bay was greatly impacted by Cyclone Gabrielle, unfortunately many of the hospitality businesses in Napier are still feeling the knock-on effects, Teresa is no exception.

We want to keep things moving and if we need to adapt to the current climate to keep the business moving, challenge accepted! So, why not branch out and send bottled cocktails out to the rest of New Zealand?

Our goal to create a line of cocktails that are unlike anything else available on the New Zealand market. Our cocktails are typically 'Teresa' in style; crafted with foraged & locally sourced ingredients, premium liquor and unprecedented but delicious flavors. This first run of cocktails is a prototype series, meaning it is a small scale production to gauge interest, gain feedback from consumers and approach potential suppliers to see if they would be interested in stocking the bottles.

We have five cocktails to choose from. Each served in 125ml bottles. They are ready to pour, just pop in your fridge or freezer until icy cold and pour straight up or over ice.

1) Caffè Corretto

Amaro Lucano, Almond Grappa, Cold Brew Coffee, Walnut Orgeat.

A representation of our two favorite Italian beverages; the Caffe Coretto and Salentina. Caffe Corretto is a coffee 'corrected' with alcohol, typically Sambuca or Grappa. A Salentina is an iced black coffee sweetened with Orgeat (almond syrup).

We substituted almonds for walnuts because they can be found in abundance locally. Instead of using strong bitter espresso we use a fruit driven locally roasted coffee to ensure a more delicate flavour profile.

2) Ranui Club

Feeling Fruity? Then this ones for you.

Cocoa Butter & Raspberry Eau De Vie

Mancino Secco Vermouth

Wakame Dashi

Ranui Berry Cordial

Citric Acid

3) Native Margarita

Who doesn't love a margarita night!

Ours is sweetened with Native Titoki Berry liqueur & Foraged Fig Leaf Caramel.

No need to add lime!

Tequila Plata,

Titoki Liqueur

Fig Leaf Caramel

Citric Acid

4) Teresa Old Fashioned

Rich and complex. Our Old Fashioned cocktail is a unique twist on the classic old Fashioned cocktail. Olive oil for texture, and sweetened with Koji Caramel instead of sugar. Koji caramel adds an addictive earthy sweetness.

Olive Oil washed Monkey Shoulder

Roasted Koji Caramel

Chocolate Bitters

5) Teresa Negroni

The Teresa Negroni is our signature cocktail. Aged in cocoa butter for a beautiful, silky finish.

Fennel Pollen Gin, Propolis infused Mancino Rosso Vermouth, Campari.


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