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Our Favourite Cocktail Books


Dave Arnold's philosophy is simple: if you think like a scientist, you can make better drinks.
Liquid Intelligence looks at the workings behind a bar and into the lab. It discusses how Dave tinkers with carbonation, temperature, sugar levels and acidity. He searches for new techniques to enhance cocktail classics. The book discusses innovative techniques, such as, clarifying liquid using gelatin, liquid nitrogen use and infusions. This book is our favourite all-rounder for professional bartenders and booze-nerds.


The Aviary Cocktail Book

The most beautiful cocktail book on the market. Not only is this book packed full of molecular, crazy, interesting cocktail recipes - but it also full of the most beautifully composed photographs.
This book would make a great gift for the cocktail aficionado in your life, it's 8 pounds & 440 pages of glossy high-quality photographs.


This book is a great point of reference for flavour pairing. It takes 160 of the most common flavours and offers up recommendations for flavour to match. Niki, the writer, not only, spent countless hours talking with food technologists and chefs, but also visited hundreds of restaurants, and scoured thousands of recipes to compile this book - and the sequel.
These books are a little affirmation for unusual flavour combos, and easy to get lost in for hours.


If you are looking to set up your own venue, or improve an existing one - this is my personal favorite. Meehan's Bartender Manual takes an in-depth look at the running of a venue and how to improve every aspect from ambiance to service. This book was a fantastic read while we were setting up Teresa and gave valuable advice on venue design.

Not only a guide for your venue but it also includes recipes for classic cocktails & some originals. It's a great insight into a top bartender's creative process. The recipes contain detailed commentary and are accompanied by Doron Gild's beautiful photos. There are contributions from over 50 international colleagues around the world who've greatly contributed to global cocktail culture. A really great departure from the classic cocktail book format.


If you live in New Zealand - this book is so useful! During COVID lockdowns we would go for long walks and use the information in this book to discover edible plants we had never even heard of. This is the greatest guide for the budding forager, chef or bartender looking to expand the flavours available to them.
Filled with pictures, facts & uses for each plant it makes identifying and utilising NZ flora fun & easy.

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