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Myths & Misconceptions in the Bar Industry

5 things about drinking in bars you have got all wrong

Guys, there are some things we need to straighten out! It has been too many years now, we have been working in bars and STILL we hear the same old silly misconceptions about drinks and the bar industry. So we have compiled a list of our TOP 5 things we need the general public to catch up on!

Myth #1 - More ice means less alcohol

Actually, we would have to say the opposite is true (almost). The reason bars use lots of ice is NOT to rip you off, it's actually so your drinks stays cold, and the ice doesn't melt and turn your drink into a warm, soupy disaster.
If you are drinking something like a Gin & Tonic - It's basic physics, really. The less ice you use, the more mixer you need to use, the faster your ice will melt, the more diluted your alcohol will be.

Do you really want to drink a luke-warm, watery drink?

Myth #2 - Gin makes you cry

The only ingredient in gin that is going to make you cry is alcohol. Guys, if you don't cry when you drink vodka (essentially non-spiced gin) there is NOTHING except your own mindset that is going to make you cry.

Alcohol is a depressant so it makes scientific sense that drinking spirits may bring up negative emotions, but that's the alcohol....not specifically gin.

"I can't drink gin because it makes me cry."

Myth #3 - This isn't our real job. We must be studying.

I couldn't tell you how many times I have been asked 'what else do you do?' or 'what are you studying?'. Sadly, especially in New Zealand hospitality, especially bartending is not seen as a legitimate career path, but there are a great number of us that are out here trying to prove everyone wrong. Working in hospitality may not be an easy path but, for those of us who could never work in a traditional setting it's a perfect opportunity to find our niche. It can be a really rewarding career, and for those few who really make a go of it the opportunities are as big, if not bigger than any other industry.

Myth #4 - If your 'friends' with the bartender you can expect free drinks

One of the first things I ever got taught about going into a friends bar, never 'expect' to be given a discount or free drinks. If you are lucky enough to receive something be grateful, but again, don't expect it every time. At the end of the day, a bar is still a business and needs to make money to stay in business. The same way that you wouldn't expect your friend who works at a bank to give you out free money.

Tip #5 - Bartenders are all party all the time

Look...don't get me wrong, we love a good party. There seems to be a common misconception that bartenders are drinking and partying all the time. While we do love to party, if we did it all the time we would eventually crash and burn. Most of the time when you see us during service and we look super energetic and like we have been drinking, honestly, that's probably just our personality.

What are some other industry stereotypes you have heard?

We would love to hear what you have heard about the hospitality industry that's completely wrong, or maybe you want to know if it's true?

Leave us a comment.


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