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The Little Cocktail Corner, by Teresa

Guys, it's been a year.

We had to make the tough call to close our beloved Harvest Deli - unfortunately it was not a viable business model in Napier. So, we have given the front of our venue a facelift - pulled the counter back and added in more shelving and seating.

What is the Little Cocktail Corner?

Think of it as a small boutique liquor store, selling a selection of our favorite spirits, favorite liqueurs for cocktails, wine, and Italian aperitifs.

We will also be selling our bottled cocktails and cocktail making equipment - your one stop shop for the next time you are hosting a cocktail party.

Since we love our coffee, we will be serving FirstHand espresso coffee during the day, along with some pastries, stay for a coffee & a pastry or a glass of wine with some cheese & charcuterie.

What does this mean for Teresa?

The only difference for Teresa during the evening is that we will have more seating! Don't stress, we will still offer a similar range of food during the evening. Now, we will have even more seats to accommodate more guests at one time!

When are we open?

The Little Cocktail Corner will be open Tuesday - Saturday from 10am. Our off-licence runs until 10pm so if Teresa is open, you will be able to purchase liquor & equipment from TLCC.


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