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Ditch the Espresso Martini, let your inner Italian out with the Caffe Corretto.


Amaro Lucano, Almond Grappa, Cold Brew Coffee, Walnut Orgeat.


A representation of our two favourite Italian beverages; the caffe Coretto and Salentina. Caffe Corretto is a coffee 'corrected' with alcohol, typically Sambuca or Grappa. A Salentina is an iced black coffee sweetened with Orgeat (almond syrup).


We substituted almonds for walnuts because they can be found in abundance locally. Instead of using strong bitter espresso we use a fruit driven locally roasted coffee to ensure a more delicate flavour profile.




Caffé Corretto

PriceFrom $19.00
GST Included
  • Contains; Almond, Walnut, Caffeine

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