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Harvest Deli & Teresa are breaking up

All good things must come to an end. Harvest Deli is moving out of Napier.

Harvest Deli is seperating from Teresa. Harvest Deli is moving to Auckland.

Teresa & Harvest Deli opened in the same building back in December 2021. Anybody who has been to Teresa will know it is hidden behind Harvest Deli. Unfortunately the small space just never quite worked for the deli and we have made the decision to move Harvest Deli to Auckland. This also means we will be going into partnership with our chef Matteo and his partner Elisa, we are so excited to have found two people that have the same drive and passion for the business and know this partnership will bring our concept to another level.

Sad news for Napier, Happy news for Auckland!

Winter Art Deco will be the Deli's last weekend operating in Napier. Watch this space for what will be happening next in the space.

We are so grateful to all of our Harvest customers, especially our regulars for supporting our little business and are sad to have to close it's doors here. We are hopeful that our eventual move to Auckland will see Harvest live up to its full potential and can't wait to welcome Aucklanders through its doors!



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